Quality Policy/Quality Management

Quality Policy/Quality Management

The Quality Management System (QMS) of Dynamiki Educational Organization has been certified by DAS CERTIFICATION (International accredited certification body).

Dynamiki Educational Organization is committed to enhance its customers satisfaction and provide due consideration to the needs and expectations of all relevant interested parties. Our Quality Management is enforced by the International Standard EN ISO 9001:2015, in the applied fields of:

Vocational Education and Training

Promotion to Employment though programmes

European Programmes Management

Our Quality Management System is being aligned to the organization goals and aiming to:

High Quality education/training services

Upskilling and Reskilling trainees

Effective Management & Best Practices on co-funded and rest educational/training programmes. Compliance with guidelines of the National Management System of Education/Training Actions

Enhance mutual trust and excellent cooperation conditions, among trainers, partners and suppliers

Ongoing monitoring & participating to the evolutions in the field od education/vocational training programmes

Encourage internal upskilling/reskilling of our stuff, improving business performance, internal communication and raising morale